The Role of Data and Technology in Proactive Planning for Climate Resilient Communities

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Building Climate Resilience: The Power of PlanTech

Australia is at a pivotal moment in addressing the escalating challenges of climate change. The ‘State of the Climate 2020‘ report paints a stark picture of rising sea levels and extreme weather events threatening our communities. To navigate these challenges effectively, we must integrate resilience into our planning processes.

By harnessing PlanTech digital tools, we can gather essential data and drive climate-positive change for a more resilient future.

Moving Towards Climate Resilience

Despite the potential of digital technologies, initiatives often operate in silos, lacking coordination. That’s why PlanTech seeks dedicated allies to lead the charge for a climate-resilient planning system.

While funding details are in progress, aligned programs are poised to support our mission. Together, we’ll unify efforts nationwide, addressing environmental challenges collectively.

Take Action: Shape the Future with Us

We invite stakeholders from all sectors to join us in this crucial endeavour. Whether you’re from government, academia, technology, insurance, consultancy, or development, your support is vital.

Together, we’ll invest in digital solutions to enhance planning systems and empower the sector through training and capacity building.

Join us as we pave the way for a more resilient future and make a difference together.

The call for partners is now open.

Contact us to learn more.

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